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Product Family UPN # Catalog # Languages Revision PDF
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Croatian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Macedonian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Macedonian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Serbian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Serbian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Russian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Russian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Finnish D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Finnish D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Latvian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Latvian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Bulgarian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Bulgarian D
AngioVac H965251880 25188 Slovenian D
AngioVac H965251990 25199 Slovenian D
Infusion Catheters H787124018015 12401801 English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Norwegian, Chinese B
Infusion Catheters H787124018015 12401801 Hungarian B
Infusion Catheters H787124018015 12401801 Korean B
Infusion Catheters H787124018015 12401801 Turkish B
Infusion Catheters H787124018015 12401801 Lithuanian B
a. Instructions for Use (IFUs)/Directions for Use (DFUs) and manuals should be reviewed prior to using or implanting a device, or performing follow-up care on a device.
b. IFUs/DFUs and manuals are subject to change – the most current version is always available on this page.
c. IFUs/DFUs and manuals may not be available on this page. If you cannot find the IFU/DFU or manual you're looking for, please contact your AngioDynamics sales representative or your local AngioDynamics authorized distributor.
d. Please consult IFUs/DFUs and manuals for product indications for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions, complications, adverse events, and detailed safety information.
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